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Stream Watch Program


The Patapsco Heritage Greenway is searching for volunteers for the stream watch program for the Patapsco River Valley. Adult volunteers and families are needed that live, work or “play” close to streams that flow into the Patapsco River, especially in Baltimore and Howard Counties. Volunteers are needed as cleaners, walkers or watchers for a short stretch of a stream.

CLEANER – volunteers remove trash from their adopted section in and around their “section” of the stream on a quarterly basis. Cleanups can be on an individual basis or arranged for a group cleanup with other volunteers.

WALKER – volunteers regularly walk their “section” of the stream and "check in" to report any problems or the amount and type of trash removed and information on the health of the stream and stream bank (visible wildlife, erosion, trash, or other environmental concerns).

WATCHER – volunteers that are both cleaners and walkers of their “section” of the stream and collect specific information on any damage, pollution and/or potential restoration opportunities observed within the stream or stream bank. They "check in" to report any problems or the amount and type of trash removed.

Free stream watcher training workshops are available in early spring and fall. Click Event Calendar for current calendar of events.

See Google Map of cleanups and tree plantings conducted by PHG 2005-2012.

To see photos of past volunteers in action, click here to go to photo album.

For questions or more information about PHG's Stream Water Program, contact Betsy McMillion at 410-480-0824 or e-mail PatapscoFriend@gmail.com.

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Stream Watcher Reports


Simkins Mill Phase I Assessment

Phase I Report (3.5 Mb pdf)

Phase I Photos (6.4 Mb pdf)

Phase I Map (370 Kb pdf)

PHG Events & Other Statistics

2006-2011 (Excel file)

Stream Reconnaissance Reports

FPVHG has been scouting streams in the various sub-watersheds of the lower Patapsco Valley for the past several years. Our initial reconnaissance efforts have centered on detecting environmental problem areas on the Baltimore County side of the River. We hope to begin doing the same type of investigations in Howard County in the near future. The "recons" help both the counties and FPVHG to identify problems and prioritize work efforts.

Baltimore County (from north to south)

Cedar Run Recon - 2Feb08 (32Kb pdf)

Miller Run

Miller Run Recon - 21Jun06 (35Kb pdf)

Miller Run -Rockhaven Recon - 6Jun07
(18Kb pdf)

Coopers Run - 28Feb09
(33Kb pdf)

Thistle Recon - 2Jun07 (40Kb pdf)

Sawmill Branch Recon - 2Dec06 (1.1Mb pdf)

Bull Run - 12Apr08 (24Kb pdf)

SoapStone Branch Recon - 26Aug06 (26Kb pdf)

Herbert Run

    west branch

    Herbert Run Confluence Point Recon - 17Jun06 (5.4Mb pdf)

    east branch

    Herbert Run - Edmonson Ave Recon - 2Oct07 (18Kb pdf)

    confluence of east and west branches to Patapsco River

    Herbert Run - Halethorpe Train Station/Hollins Ferry Road -        25Apr09 (23Kb pdf)

Howard County
(from north to south)

Sucker Branch

Tiber Hudson (Tiber Hudson Subwatershed Restoration Action Plan)

Bonnie Branch

Rockburn Branch

Deep Run


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